Dare to..

I had a conversation with a friend today and was inspired to write along the lines of our musings. My friend told me about his recent decision to resign from his extremely successful role as a senior manager in a leading global bank, and setting up his own boutique investment company. He was expecting some recriminations from me, especially as he just started a family and had mouths to feed. Who makes that kind of irresponsible decision! He was not prepared for my words and was encouraged.
I congratulated him on daring to take a bold step that most people only ever dream about. Most people only dream about great things but never realise their dreams due to one reason or the other. It is interesting that we find it easy to make some decisions and follow it through but find it  challenging to make decisions that may change the course of our lives forever and enable us make history. This is not surprising, owing to the colossal weight of these decisions, however there is a connection between the enormity of the risk and the size of the reward.
Nothing worthwhile comes easy and will readily fall on our laps. Please permit my high-handedness, but I had to make hard decisions as well. I  would like to share a personal experience that I once had. I was involved in an endeavour that I knew in my heart was not for me, but I allowed myself get talked into forging ahead. The more I forged ahead, the clearer it became that it wasnt for me. I carried this burden until I mustered up the courage to retreat. I must say that I had a great support system of people that helped me through this period, but ultimately the decision was mine. This was a dark room period of my life whereby I learnt some powerful lessons. I discovered a great deal about the power of will and the resilience of the human spirit. But it is not enough to be wilful, corresponding action is required! The happy ending to the story is that I eventually found fulfilment in  the other choices I made.
One thing I usually say is that I would rather strive to achieve an endeavour than to allow fear or other limitations prevail, and then reflect over the matter and wish that I tried.  Statistics show that this is one of the greatest regrets that people have.
Imagine if there were 100 people with the same idea, and only 10 of them dared to pursue it in spite of the remoteness of success. These 10 people (or the number of people who see their idea through) will gain the profit meant for the hundred people (permit my simplistic view). This was the final anecdote that I shared with my friend. Is it any wonder then why Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other social ideas have become a phenomenon.
The moment you embark on pursuing your dream, you become more amenable to possibilities rather than setbacks and may be surprised at the outcome of your efforts. This is not to say that there will not be setbacks, or even the risk of failure! I am not trying to promote recklessness either. It is a plea for a change of perspective about fulfilling your dreams. It is a plea to focus on the possibilities rather than the challenges.  I will be sharing on practical ways in which you can live out your dream in my next blog


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