Just Do it!

I am really excited to be back and I wanted to share a recent experience that I had. I received a gift from my husband which left me with bitter sweet feelings. My husband surprised me with a bicycle expecting some joy and excitement from me. I was genuinely touched and glad about the gift but the gift reminded me of one of my limitations  I didn’t know how to cycle!  yes, it sounds unbelievable that through my childhood and adult years, I hadn’t managed to pick up how to cycle.
I appreciated my husband for the generous gift but ruefully admitted to him that I could not cycle. He was quite bemused to hear this and immediately swung to the next stage which was setting a target for me to learn. I smiled and thought in my mind that he was kidding himself.
The weekend after I received my bicycle I was unwillingly whisked to the park by my husband and to my greatest surprise, I learnt to ride a bicycle in less than 1 hour!!! This may have come easy to most people but we are talking about someone who took her first cycling lesson ever and started cycling confidently in less than an hour! (I must credit my husband for his excellent instructing skills though) It still feels like a dream and I realised a powerful fact  a lot of times we come up with excuses for not accomplishing our desires, but if we spent half the time that we expend coming up with excuses for not attempting our goals, we will be closer to achieving them than not. Our limitations are in reality not limitations but unexplored opportunities. The excuses we make are well concocted safety nets to mask our fear. I have noticed that the people that overcame their fears mostly did so by confronting it!
Another limitation is the thought of what people will think. I remember my husbands look and how he found it unimaginable that I could not cycle. Prior to the incident with my husband, I had told my colleagues about it and they had similar puzzled expressions about it.  I could have hidden this fact from the world and pretended that I didn’t desire to learn how to cycle or that I was not interested.  I wished I could cycle and did not hide this fact, although I thought it was too late to be achieved. While I was learning at the park, pedestrians walked by and I could tell what was going on in their minds. However this was immaterial to me. I was focused more on my goal than what people thought. From the beginning of time, people have always formed their opinions regardless of your actions or inactions and people will always do! Don’t allow peoples opinion influence or prevent you from achieving your goals. There is only one person who stands to lose  you!
I would like to encourage you to write that book, go on that adventure, enrol for that course/exam, pursue that goal. It is never too late to start anything in life! I may have learnt how to cycle very late in life but I am better than the person who desires to learn to cycle but has never done anything about it. You are better off attempting and failing than not attempting  at all. The more goals you aspire to and achieve, the more advantages you create for yourself in life. You never know when it will come to use.
Have a great week!


2 responses to “Just Do it!

  1. I am glad you did not allow people’s opinions influence your desire to learn the skill of cycling. The moment we take charge of our lives and not care what people say. Shake off the comments and stay focused. We will overcome those hurdles and move up. We should also remember, If it does not work at the first attempt, do not give up. Have faith that you can do it, keep trying. Just Do it! You will succeed.

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