No mean feat..

6 months and 3 weeks ago, was the last time I circulated a blog via this platform. I sincerely apologise for taking such a long time off. During that time, I have changed status and my knowledge in other areas of life has increased.
I recently had my performance review at work and during my review; my manager expressed her views about my performance. For those who are not very familiar with this concept, it is a review meeting in the context of an employment, where an employee and his/her line manager discuss the employees performance over a period in time.
Both parties usually have an opportunity to express their views during the review. The purpose of the meeting is to achieve a constructive outcome and should leave both parties feeling positive. Nevertheless, the employee feels a helpless rush of nerves as the timing of the meeting looms.
Back to my review, my manager said the following words; Ibi, you are a highly valued member of the team and it is a pleasure to work with you. 
These words came at a time when I was feeling like I hadn’t pulled my weight sufficiently in the team. I had spent the last six months juggling so many priorities to include; planning my wedding ceremony (of over 450 guests in attendance), investing time in my relationship, family commitments, planning a career hangout meeting, activities in my local church, managing my job workload and completing my personal and career objectives for the first half of the year. This may relatively not seem like much, but for someone who is a perfectionist and tries to put excellence in all she does, it was a challenge! It felt like an endless cycle of activities that left me drained and with no end in sight.
My managers words felt like an oasis in desert. After some moments of silence absorbing  the words, I finally asked the reason behind those words and she reminded me about a self-initiative I embarked on the year before, and how it continued to make a difference to the business. This is a long-term initiative that I continue to develop on. 
I gained an insight through that performance review experience. Often times, we feel inadequately recognized or rewarded for the work that we do which leaves feelings of frustration. I remember this feeling too well from my previous role. I would like to share some of the insights that I gained from that review.
Doing what you are expected and paid to do i.e. your day job may not achieve recognition.
Going beyond you job description stands you a greater chance for recognition and success.
Identify a need within the organisation that your skills are suited for or can be adapted to, 
Fulfil this need
Do it diligently!
People get stuck in a rot by limiting their performance to what they are paid to do. It is hardly surprising why there is no corresponding recognition; after all, you have been remunerated for the value you add. Those whose value cannot be sufficiently remunerated will be recognized and rewarded.
Going back to my review, I realised that despite my feelings of inadequacy, the scale of the self-initiative that I embarked and my commitment to its success on more than compensated for the gaps.
You would be surprised what difference you would make by going the extra mile and doing more to improve your organisation.


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