Goals vs Processes

I trust that we all have goals and objectives that we would like to achieve. Some of us have even detailed out the specific timings within which these goals must be achieved. However not everyone will achieve their goals, however harsh it sounds. Some actually spend more time putting together a collection of goals than reflecting on the feasibility of the goals. People have mastered the art of creating goals but are slack in achieving them.
I recently spent some time in discussions with some people and realised some of the reasons why people specialize in creating goals by slack in fulfilling them.
I remembered the story of my journey to practicing as a solicitor in the UK. Having acquired my first degree in Nigeria, I decided to come to the UK to practice as a solicitor in the UK – my end goal was becoming a practicing solicitor in the UK and I made that the point of my focus. I thought of several ways to achieve this goal and realised that I could not take the conventional path if I was to achieve my goal. With this in sight, I started thinking of other creative ways of achieving my goal and decided to write some professional examination. I acquired the qualifications and a few years down the line, I wrote the conversion examinations for solicitors and presently practice as a solicitor.
This thought me several lessons; I was able to achieve my goal because I focused on the goal and not the process. The conventional process was the obvious but not the most viable option. I had to look beyond the known process of becoming a qualified solicitor and practicing as such in England. Focusing on the goal rather than the process opened my mind to whole new level possibilities and options. Many people focus on processes or procedures at the expense of the goal. Please don’t misunderstand my point here, it is important to think about and follow the right procedures, but dwelling on processes at the at the expense of the goal. It closes the mind against other options that are probably more viable and less stressful.
As we start this New Year, my advice is to identify a few realistic goals that you would like to achieve; write these goals down and review them on a weekly/monthly basis (as appropriate). Most importantly, start working on the goals with the end in mind. Spend time on the goal and let your desire for success open your mind to possibilities and exploring all options and processes. I have written out my goals and will apply this strategy.
I hope you celebrate with you as you achieve your desired goals in 2014.
Happy New Year!


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