‘Just’ being who I am.

This week has been a bit challenging for me as I received devastating news over the weekend. I picked up my inspiration manual and read a chapter from the new testament. I was intrigued by the story that I read and found myself pondering over it. It made me realise the importance of making the right choice over life changing issues such as; career, business, partnership, marriage to name a few. It is quite a popular story. It is the story Joseph and his wife Mary. Mary and Joseph found themselves in a difficult situation. She was carrying a baby that did not belong to Joseph!

This story has been considered from Mary’s perspective most of the time. This is probably because she was the one who had to deal with the shocking revelation initially, and also carry the pregnancy. My attention was however drawn to something a different perspective. According to a version of the story, Joseph was described as a ‘just’ man (Then Joseph her husband, being a just man….). I could not move beyond that phrase and I kept pondering about that phrase in the context of the story. I tried to figure out what it means to be considered as a just man or individual. I also wondered why reference was made to this fact in the story. I do not believe that the reference made to his character was coincidental and I decided to do some research on the meaning of the adjective ‘just’.  Some of the words that I came across include; righteous, upright, equitable, impartial, sincere, guided by truth, of moral excellence, conscience led, truthful and the list goes on.

After researching the meaning of the word, the reason behind the character reference dawned on me. I also realised that God meticulously considered the character of Mary’s husband, in deciding to choose Mary as the mother of Jesus. This was critical to the success of the plan, and therefore he had to have the right character. If you think of the enormous role that Joseph played in the birth of Jesus and the level of support he provided to Mary in the account of the story of Jesus, you would understand the importance of making the right choice. Joseph endured a scandal, supported Mary through the pregnancy, migrated to another town to protect the woman he loved.

Mary also played her role towards the success of the plan. She chose to marry a just man. I do not know what the outcome would have been had she chosen otherwise but I believe her choice was relevant.

It made me rethink my focus when making choices on whom to enter into meaningful relationships with, business or otherwise. Our criteria in making decisions are sometimes focused on transient issues and we often lose sight of the impact of those choices on the future.

I remember saying to a friend that one of the most important things you can do is to discover yourself/purpose at a tender age. This will equip and inform every vital decision that you make including your relationships. It will ease the process of identifying your best fit or option when making choices.

Choosing right from the onset makes life easy. Your plans, visions, dreams become easily achievable. One of the most frustrating experiences you can have as an individual is to be in partnership with the wrong person. It will wax or wane the feasibility of your dream, vision or plan. There are enough challenges in life without the additional burden of a misfit or a wrong choice.

Furthermore, I started thinking about my character traits and my dealings with people. I wondered whether I could be considered as just in my ways. This gave me a strong desire to reflect over my ways, conduct and character. I desire to be as ‘just’ as it comes. This not only makes me a better person, but also makes other people more inclined to build meaningful relationships with me.

I encourage you to reflect about your character. Can you be considered to be just? I also encourage you to turn your attention to deeper things in building relationships and making choices.


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