Capacity is like bodybuilding.

Have you ever wished that you were the CEO of a prominent organisation, knowing that you can do a better job than the incumbent? Have you told yourself how wonderful it must feel to be in such a powerful position and wishing you could start leading at the top tomorrow?  Well it is easier said than done. The reality is that you may never lead from the top if you have not mastered leading from the bottom and effectively managing the resources that you presently have.

I call it the law of capacity and the principle is from one of the oldest and the wisest book that I know. It suggests that capacity is developed over time and not simply acquired. The dynamics are similar to bodybuilding to develop physical muscles.

A lot of times, we dream big and desire greatness, but we expect a transformational transition to greatness without paying the price or making significant effort. To think that you can become great or achieve prominence overnight without going through the process is self-delusory at its best.

Those who have made a difference in their fields and achieved greatness devoted quality time, energy and other resources into it. They formed habits over the years that helped to shape them and prepare them for greatness. They denied themselves of certain pleasures but most importantly, they started small!

Do you genuinely desire to make a difference in our world, start from where you are! No one is going to give you bigger responsibilities if you are struggling to succeed with the present ones that you have. Most times, people readily criticize decisions made by their CEOs or policies created by the leaders, boasting of their capability to make better decisions given the same circumstances. However these same people are struggling to manage their teams at work or their personal lives or finances.  The skills required to lead a nation or organisation are similar to the skills required to lead your team, your personal life or finances. Even if you are not a team leader you can still lead from where you are.

The salient point is to note that the capacity to lead an organisation or nation is developed from leading in your workplace, family, small projects and so on. In order to achieve expertise, proficiency is developed by deliberate practice.

An aspiring prominent international speaker who cannot effectively address a small group or relate with people around him will probable not be in a position to address hundreds or thousands of people. It is critical to understand the importance of forming habits necessary to achieve your desired outcome from now. Another way of evaluating the situation is by extrapolation. Simply raise your current performance level to the power of your aspiring level, and this gives a strong favour of what your future performance will be like.

Having spoken with a number of high achievers, some of the values that they share in common include; hard work and quality time invested in attaining their current levels. They also developed habits that eased them into their current capacity levels over time. Waiting till you are prominent before you start exhibiting the required skills could be consequential and even impair your getting there. Start preparing for the great things you desire by developing your capacity muscles from now!


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